preventing common childhood injuries

Child safety for Independence Day should be part of your planning for a safe holiday. Consider buying these recommended homeopathic remedies to have on hand. You’ll be glad you did!

Supervise, Be Safe, Treat Injuries, Use Homeopathy:

  • Most common Homeopathic remedies used- Injuries of any kind- Arnica Montana.  Burns for any reason- Cantharis.  Insect bites-Hypericum or Ledum; Apis for bee stings.  Sprains or strains– First Arnica x1 dose, followed by Rhus tox or Ruta Grav. Use 6C or 30C remedies, 3-5 pills per dose; give immediately and in 30 minute intervals until relief, usually 2-3 are enough and if no relief by then, may need a different remedy or medical care.

Child Safety for Independence Day

Preventing common injuries…

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