happy kids Christmas day

As we approach the holidays being busy and preoccupied with shopping, wrapping, decorating, menu preparation, traveling, and children’s holiday shows or plays, remember to take time to de-stress.   Sit back and relax, meditate, enjoy a cup of special blend coffee or calming tea, watch the traditional Christmas movies, read Christmas stories to the kids and don’t rush through them. Find a way to reconnect with your soul and spirit. Set aside 30-60 minutes to read, do yoga, and meditate.  Planning for Christmas is key.

The letdown after Christmas is real. Search for this topic and you will find many articles, religious messages, and even poems about it.  But, what about the letdown after you open presents Christmas morning and the question begs- what do I do now?  What kind of time and activities should I plan for the kids…just the craziness of toys everywhere?

Plan your day!  I don’t mean to over plan, I mean set up a schedule and be flexible about it.  You do have to GO WITH THE FLOW!

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