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Founder/Owner Jody K. Roblyer, RN, Health Coach

About Monarch Holistic Healing Clinic:  We are a pediatric alternative health care practice that focuses on holistic individualized family-centered care for optimal health and wellness. Health coaching and alternative medical therapies are used in improving chronic problems of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

About Jody Roblyer: I am a board certified Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner(PNP or PPCNP). I graduated from Binghamton University in 1977 with a BS degree as an RN. I received my Masters degree from University of Maryland in 1982, and have been board certified as a PNP since then.

In 2011, I became certified as a Fellow in Anti-Aging, Regerative and Functional Medicine (FAARFM) from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. In 2012, I graduated from the Maryland University of Integrated Health, formerly the Tai Sophia Institute, with certification as a Health Coach.

I worked in a busy private pediatric group with teaching nursing students and nurse practitioner students for 17 years. I practiced as a PNP at Pediatric Partners in Towson, Md for 17 years and I still teach, 18 years and counting as a Clinical Instructor at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore…. learn more about me.

I know that integrating practice and teaching makes me a better health care provider and a better teacher.



If You Have Any Questions, Grab A Free 30 Min q and a Call With Jody

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At Monarch Holistic Healing I address chronic problems like:

• allergies
• adhd
• asthma
• anxiety
• acne
• autism
• constipation
• diarrhea, gas, bloating
• menstrual problems
• stress
• fatigue
• inadequate general nutrition
• chronic ear and sinus infections
• and more…

Does your child need to heal?

Does your child suffer from chronic problems that cause pain and require daily medications?

Alternative health therapies may include the following:

• vitamins
• minerals
• herbs
• nutritional supplements
• homeopathy
• diet
• exercise
• relaxation techniques
• stress reduction
• meditation
• feng shui


Health Coaching With Jody

I’m excited about offering my expertise to improve your health. When you visit me at Monarch Holistic Healing Clinic, I can show you how to feel better with fewer symptoms and have more energy to enjoy life!

HOW? So you are skeptical, right?

I don’t blame you. When I first started my coaching classes I assumed I would learn techniques to use that would allow people to change behaviors from “bad” ones to “good” ones. They would learn healthier behaviors and be motivated to change and be accountable for their own bodies and their own health. I did learn those techniques. But what I really found was myself, my inner strength and inner wisdom.

I learned to trust my intuition and “gut reactions” just as much as any standard technique to open up the heart and soul. So, I offer to you myself and my expertise so that your personal growth is designed for you, at your own pace, and honoring your own values.

Honoring your personal growth designed for you, at your own pace, and honoring your own values! Who else in the health care field does that for you?

Doctors are not trained for this and want to be sure to treat you for medical problems.

Health insurance has not always reimbursed doctors for the time or services needed for changing our lifestyle and health behaviors.

Nursing is beginning to embrace the idea but it is not in their standard curriculum, although many nurses believe in giving holistic care and using alternative medicine.

Health coaching fills this void.

Please don’t think I am against all traditional medicine, doctors, nursing and health care, because I am not. They have a needed place in treating diseases and injuries, and in preventing disease. I have been in the health care business for over 35 years and value the medical care that we have in our country.

It’s just that there is room for choices and other healing ways. Coaching is not physically invasive and does not cause physical pain or medication side effects.

You will be able to change lifestyle behaviors to more healthy ones and decrease or eliminate medicines altogether!


Alternative medical therapies:

Besides the health coaching techniques, I will be recommending alternative medical remedies like herbs, vitamins and minerals, homeopathy, and other healing ways for children with chronic problems.

This service will include an initial face-to-face appointment, as well as phone or Skype appointments.

All children and their families receive a package of care which includes:

assessment of health status

plan of care individualized for them from the many therapies listed below

health coaching for changing behaviors.

Coaching is both individual and family centered and is focused on their values and what they are motivated and committed to changing. This is crucial for life long awareness of vibrant health.

Patient and family centered care focuses on self-awareness and empowerment to create a healthy lifestyle. Self-care and self-management keeps you living well.



Complimentary 30 minute consult and coaching call, to discuss your health and wellness needs and receive a little coaching for the next step in your healing. Ask about any special savings.


Summary of Health Choices and Packages at Monarch Holistic Healing

We offer choices for health care to suit your needs. We will create a package specifically for you. We highly recommend the first appointment is in person where we see and respond to each other in a shared environment. Please bring favorite toys, games, music, and books to occupy your child when we adults need to talk and the child needs a break.

Two adults, preferably both parents, must accompany a child who needs close supervision.

One parent must be present with any teen under 18 years of age. One parent must accompany any dependent college student up to age 21 for the first appointment and then agree to the level of involvement in the treatment plan thereafter.

Parents are given a treatment plan to continue at home and they can upgrade to any Package for continued treatment.

Appointments, single (without package)– we offer 30 minute and 60 minute office visits or phone call.

Healing Package, 4 weeks, initial treatment plan and health coaching.

Empowering Package, 8 weeks, more coaching, modifying treatment plan based on results.

Transformational Package, 3 months, comprehensive treatment plan for complex health problems needing time for change, extensive health coaching.

VIP Half-Day, 4 fun! hours of health assessment, health coaching, and treatment.

VIP Full Day, 7 fun! hours of health assessment, health coaching, and treatment.


Contact Us to Get Full Details on Each Package Offered

Call or Email Us – 410-429-4712 – jody@alternativecareforkids


Supportive Services- Included with all Packages.

• As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, we assess, diagnose, possibly order labs or tests, outline an individual treatment plan, write prescriptions, and follow up to reassess.

• Health Coaching creates changes in daily habits and daily thinking for sustained health.

• Comprehensive health assessment. Parents complete medical history forms, the Client Profile, Wellness Wheel, and return via email or fax 2-3 days ahead of their first appointment. We like to be prepared and learn more about you before the first appointment.

• Ongoing research to modify plan to reflect client needs and goals and to improve outcomes.

• Extensive information about various treatment therapies.

• Handouts and exercises for children and parents.

• Thorough documentation and progress; strict confidentiality and adherence to HIPPA rules.

• Free monthly e-newsletter.

• Full free access to or coupons for future podcasts, videos, teleconferences, workshops, seminars, retreats, books, or any future educational course.


Directions to Monarch Holistic Healing

From Baltimore City and South, SW, or SE of Owings Mills/Reisterstown:

Go North 795 to the end where it intersects with Rt. 30 (Hanover Pike; this is the second traffic light at the end of 795, the first light is 140 or Westminster Pike, go to the next light) toward Hampstead, Manchester and Hanover. Turn left onto Rt. 30 and go 5 miles to a traffic light at Emory Road (Rt. 91). Turn right (A sign says to turn left for Emory Rd, but there is one more block to the left where I live; this corner has Elmo’s Diner, High’s, Merchant’s and Farmer’s Bank, and Fowblesburg Motors). I am the third house on the right, a brick house. Park in the driveway and knock on the front door.

From areas North, NE or NW of Reisterstown:

Use Rt. 140 (Westminster Pike) South to Rt. 91 (Emory Road). At 91 you will end up going East on 91 and you must use the exit ramp on southbound 140 in order to make a left turn at this intersection; the exit ramp is on the right and also takes you to a shopping plaza; keep left at the fork and you will end up at Rt. 91 just to the west of the intersection; turn left onto 91 and go straight through the traffic light.) Go 5 miles to a traffic light at Rt. 30 (Hanover Pike). Go straight through the intersection (this corner has Elmo’s Diner, High’s, Merchant’s and Farmer’s Bank, and Fowblesburg Motors). I am the third house on the right, a brick house. Park in the driveway and knock on the front door.


Take Rt. 30 (Hanover Pike) South to Rt. 91 (Emory Road) intersection at the traffic light. Turn left (this corner has Elmo’s Diner, High’s, Merchant’s and Farmer’s Bank, and Fowblesburg Motors). I am the third house on the right, a brick house. Park in the driveway and knock on the front door.




410-429-4712 – jody@alternativecareforkids