Homeopathic Remedies for First Aid

Someone during the holidays will need first aid and you will be ready to treat them at home.  You will have on hand homeopathic remedies for first aid.  Burns, bruises, sprains, and strains all respond well to homeopathic remedies with reduction of symptoms and pain.  Suggestions for times when you need emergency care are discussed.   Homeopathy is great for children because you use natural products without side effects.

Many drug stores and health food stores carry homeopathic remedies.  The cost is very reasonable, less than $10 for a tube that lasts a long time in a cool, dry, dark place.  Brands include Boiron, Hyland’s, and Washington Homeopathic Products- which I use and you can check it out at: http://www.homeopathyworks.com/.  (I do not receive anything for including their web page. They are a very reputable company.)

For burns:

  • Place burn under cold water immediately and immerse in a cup of cold water or use a cold washcloth as needed.  Do not use ice (too cold).
  • Keep Cantharis 30X or 30C in the kitchen for burns.  Take 3-5 pills immediately and again when the pain comes back. 
  • If you have an Aloe Vera plant or purchased Aloe Vera gel, put some gel on the burn immediately, and as needed.
  • If the burn blisters right away and covers a large surface area, call your pediatrician’s office.  Large, deep burns may need immediate attention at an urgent care center or emergency department.

Homeopathic Remedies for First Aid-

Safe, Inexpensive, Effective

For bruises, sprains and strains:

  • Arnica Montana is available as a topical gel or in pills, 30X or 30 C doses are fine.  Take 3-5 pills right away with any of these injuries. 
  • Next, for sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, or shin wounds, take Ruta Graveolens, 30X or 30C about 1-2 hours after the Arnica, and again every few hours the first day. 
  • Next day, if a sprain is better from moving it around or walking gently on it, use Rhus Tox, 30X or 30C for 1 or 2 doses that day. 
  • Elevate the injured extremity. Also, use cool/cold applications to sprains.  You may alternate with heat if that feels good to you.  Heat may be better for muscle strains.

Find more information on other uses of homeopathic remedies, check out the blog, SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, the sadness and depression that comes from the increased darkness of winter.

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