Child Safety for Independence Day

Child safety for Independence Day should be part of your planning for a safe holiday. Consider buying these recommended homeopathic remedies to have on hand. You’ll be glad you did!

Supervise, Be Safe, Treat Injuries, Use Homeopathy:

  • Most common Homeopathic remedies used- Injuries of any kind- Arnica Montana.  Burns for any reason- Cantharis.  Insect bites-Hypericum or Ledum; Apis for bee stings.  Sprains or strains– First Arnica x1 dose, followed by Rhus tox or Ruta Grav. Use 6C or 30C remedies, 3-5 pills per dose; give immediately and in 30 minute intervals until relief, usually 2-3 are enough and if no relief by then, may need a different remedy or medical care.

Child Safety for Independence Day

Preventing common injuries…

  • Fireworks– Supervison is a must.  Injuries happen every year- burns, fingers blown off, eye injuries.  Get immediate attention for any injury, especially an eye injury…Go to the ER or call 911. Cantharis for burns and Apis for injuries, give both alternating.
  • Swimming– An adult must be present at all times, to prevent drownings, head injuries dfrom diving or other bodily injury. Arnica for head injury.
  • Driving– Parents be road safe, kid safe, and no driving under the influence.  Use designated driver.
  • Sunburn– Use sunscreen and apply often.  Use aloe vera to sooth.  Cantharis.
  • Insect bites– Cover outdoor food to deter bugs and bees.  Use mosquito spray. Use tick spray to prevent bites and check for ticks (naked) at bedtime. Good ole Calamine lotion to sooth skin rashes and bites. Hypericum or Ledum; Apis for bee stings.
  • Falls, scrapes, and bruises– Wash with soap and water, apply a healing cream. Arnica.
  • Sprains and strains– Rest, elevate the affected part, ice.  First Arnica x1 dose, followed by Rhus tox or Ruta Grav.

Questions about any of this? Contact me.

Be safe, try homeopathic remedies for first aid. Child Safety for Independence Day is no joke.

Coach Jody

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