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Children are like monarch butterflies.  They grow, change, mature and transform in so many ways right before our very own eyes. They change when we’re not paying attention at all! Parents help their children in these processes.

Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures of nature. They have a journey as well as a transformation.  The vast majority of the North American butterfly population journeys to Mexico to overwinter. Then, they fly north in the spring after mating.  They lay their eggs and the larvae feed only on milkweed.  The caterpillars grow, change into a chrysalis, and transform into the butterflies they are destined to become.

A butterfly is a transformation, not a better caterpillar.

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Go on a Rampage of Appreciation!   I learned about this technique from Jack Canfield in one of his writings.  He is the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  He says to go around your house and say out loud why you appreciate all the things there.  It creates a humbling experience.  You may cry or be overcome with emotions.  Let it happen naturally.

Help your child appreciate people and things in their lives.  Encourage them to say thanks to others.  This serves to center us in a more positive intention.  Furthermore, it gives us a sense of relatedness and satisfaction in our relationships.  Finding something to be thankful for and appreciate even in the midst of failure or sadness lifts the spirits enough so we cope well and bounce back sooner.

Go on a Rampage of Appreciation!

Ask your child to answer the following questions:

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Children with Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, have signs of depression because of little light in winter.  It is a real disease that is an extreme case of sensitivity to increasing darkness.  Although most children may need some routine to adjust to increasing darkness, a few may become very sad and depressed. 

SAD Facts:

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Science Daily, an online journal at, has articles that cover many facets about  bullying, the brain and emotions.   Research suggests that bullying by peers changes the structure surrounding a gene involved in regulating mood, and this can leave life-long impressions and may make victims more vulnerable to mental health problems like depression as they age. This has implications that bullying from our social environment can affect the actual functioning of our genes.

Gene expression is a term used to know how a person expresses or shows a genetic trait.  For example, there is evidence in gene expression that the foods we eat directly interact with our genes.  Food nutrients can either protect genes or accelerate their demise, causing premature aging.

My point is that our genes are not static and just sitting there replicating as their only job.  Instead, evidence is piling up that our environment can change our DNA for good or bad.

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I found these words of wisdom below, entitled, Take Time for 10 Things, in a church cookbook of my mother’s belongings.  The cookbook is from some time in the 1960’s.  I used it as a guide to expand on the theme and relate it in raising children.  It became- Take Time for 10 Things: for Children.

  1. Take time to Work–  it is the price of success.
  2. Take time to Think–  it is the source of power.
  3. Take time to Play–  it is the secret of youth.
  4. Take time to Read–  it is the foundation of knowledge.
  5. Take time to Worship–  it is the highway of reverence and washed the dust of earth form our eyes.
  6. Take time to Help and Enjoy Friends–  it is the source of happiness.
  7. Take time to Love–  it is the one sacrament of life.
  8. Take time to Dream–  it hitches the soul to the stars.
  9. Take time to Laugh–  it is the singing that helps with life’s loads.
  10. Take time to Plan–  it is the secret of being able to have time to take time for the first nine things.

I ascribe these same principles to raising children and fostering them in your kids.  Children with handicaps or chronic illnesses still need the same principles growing up as any child.  As a parent, your job is to accept your child’s strengths and challenges and gear your child in successful activities and adventures.  I hope these tips to raise children help you.

Take Time for 10 Things: for Children

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