Wishing you and your family a fun and safe 4th of July.

Enjoy this puzzle with your children.

Word Find for 4th of July

The words to find are listed below. I tested to see that this blog can be printed out on my printer and I reworked the text so that the wordfind itself is on the second page to print. I wanted it to be all on one page and not split between 2 pages- annoying. Bring your mouse over the word table and choose Print. I hope it works for you. Printing out just pages 1-2 is needed.

Words to find:

Fourth July Independence
Day Sparklers Fireworks
Picnic Barbeque Parade
Freedom Pledge Allegiance
Flag Nation Liberty
Justice Washington DC Capitol
Bands Revolution Celebrate
Federal Holiday Declaration
Adoption Britain Fairs
Concerts Baseball Reunions
Family Decorated History
Government States United
All Republic America


More Readings: Teaching Children about Freedom

Also, read about Homeopathic remedies for common injuries of summer: Child Safety on Independence Day.

Coach Jody

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Child safety for Independence Day should be part of your planning for a safe holiday. Consider buying these recommended homeopathic remedies to have on hand. You’ll be glad you did!

Supervise, Be Safe, Treat Injuries, Use Homeopathy:

  • Most common Homeopathic remedies used- Injuries of any kind- Arnica Montana.  Burns for any reason- Cantharis.  Insect bites-Hypericum or Ledum; Apis for bee stings.  Sprains or strains– First Arnica x1 dose, followed by Rhus tox or Ruta Grav. Use 6C or 30C remedies, 3-5 pills per dose; give immediately and in 30 minute intervals until relief, usually 2-3 are enough and if no relief by then, may need a different remedy or medical care.

Child Safety for Independence Day

Preventing common injuries…

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Teaching children freedom is an important value to teach. Understanding freedom includes understanding our personal boundaries in relation to others. Children learn about freedom at home first. Parents teach by example. Proper discipline in developmentally, age-appropriate ways is key. Children need limits in order to understand the limits others should self-impose. Parents expand a child’s environment, social activities, and learning step by step in an age-appropriate way to teach children how to interact with and learn from others. Teaching in those “opportune moments” as things come up are more meaningful and are learned more deeply. Planning a teaching opportunity is a good way for parents to introduce a subject, maybe sharing, waiting turns, bullying, etc. Books, TV shows, or movies provide situations to discuss with your youngster and teenager.

Children have a place to sleep and play. They have toys, clothes, and belongings of their own. They need to learn justice and fairness first. If a sibling or peer takes one of their belongings, they learn not to take what isn’t theirs. In addition, they learn that the other person needs to return the belonging. If they commit an injustice against someone else, they learn about consequences, returning what they took or making reparations. If they broke a toy, they may need to work extra chores at home to earn the money to buy a new one. Or, they may need to offer services or chores to the other person to “cover” the damage. Or, if they damaged property, they need to clean it up and/or earn money to repair it.

Teaching children freedom and moral values…

For example, my son at about age 10 broke a double paned window…

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Hello all you people out in the world! I am blogging again. I have been off my site too long. And there are reasons. Mostly, because I started a new job in February and another new one in April.  I started employment at a great job working with children with handicaps, developmental delays, or chronic problems. It has been fascinating and really hard to get used to a different kind of job.  Plus, the computer documentation is different from what I used before. Lots of learning. Keep going, you will learn it and do great! I talk to myself and try to be my best cheerleader, lol!

First of all, finding a job online and doing all the processes was tough. It was hard to be patient while waiting a month to be contacted after entering my resume.  Besides uploading my resume, I had to fill out the exact same information from my resume to forms on that company’s job site, so double work! Not fun. But, in the end, it worked out and I got an interview and landed the job.  Yay!!  I applied to 2 jobs because one is 3 days a week and the other is per diem or 2 shifts a month. The latter job is in a newborn nursery, so I am going to get my “baby fix” again.  I’m really happy about that.

I am beginning to get new ideas for blogs and will get back to them real soon. I am also getting back to my monthly newsletter. If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter, contact me by email on my blog site- Contact Us.

Send me any requests fro blog topics. All responses are screened and must be approved before they get posted. So, if you don’t see your response, I do. I usually try to approve comments in a timely manner, but I wasn’t too good about that the past several months. My apologies and I will do better going forward, now that I am blogging again.  I need to meditate more and reduce my stress.

Good luck to anyone searching and applying for a new job!

Coach Jody



As we approach the holidays being busy and preoccupied with shopping, wrapping, decorating, menu preparation, traveling, and children’s holiday shows or plays, remember to take time to de-stress.   Sit back and relax, meditate, enjoy a cup of special blend coffee or calming tea, watch the traditional Christmas movies, read Christmas stories to the kids and don’t rush through them. Find a way to reconnect with your soul and spirit. Set aside 30-60 minutes to read, do yoga, and meditate.  Planning for Christmas is key.

The letdown after Christmas is real. Search for this topic and you will find many articles, religious messages, and even poems about it.  But, what about the letdown after you open presents Christmas morning and the question begs- what do I do now?  What kind of time and activities should I plan for the kids…just the craziness of toys everywhere?

Plan your day!  I don’t mean to over plan, I mean set up a schedule and be flexible about it.  You do have to GO WITH THE FLOW!

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